Congratulations! You have just discovered SCANDIUM.

It probably won´t have such a worldwide impact as the discovery of a new element which became part of the periodical table. Although for you, it can be a fairly useful discovery.

Now, what could you as fresh discoverers be most interested in…the company SCANDIUM was founded in 2002 by Jaroslav Čech and Pavel Roubal – two associates who were active in the field of office and public spaces several years before that and who manage the company until now.

The original idea of the company was its orientation to a beautiful, charismatic and functional interior design. All these are the aspects of the masterpieces of Scandinavian design, whose charm bewitched the two co-founders a long time ago. This orientation was the one which also gave it its name in the end. Today SCANDIUM represents more than twenty well known Scandinavian brands – from those very traditional like Adelta - Eero Aarnio collection, Swedese or Blå Station to quite young progressive brands like OFFECCT, David design and Playsam. In the flow of time, a need to enrich the assortment with an office line of high quality and design, and the final choice was HAWORTH – world´s second largest producer of office furniture. We have been its authorized dealer for Czech and republic and Slovakia for 7 years now.

Our strength fully reveals only if our clients not only order the furniture from us, but also make use of the associated services, same as in the case of the element scandium whose unique characters fully reveal only after its blending with aluminium, when incredibly light and firm substance which if often used in top notch sports equipment and cosmic industry.