Space planning, Standard and atypical office solutions, Scandinavian design furniture, Services, System and complex solutionsWe no longer see our furniture as office furniture. An office of today is not only 5 days in a week – 8 hours a day on a chair by the desk. It has to be ready 24/7 and adapted to all kinds of need.

When I work – I sit, stand, lie down, read, write, study, think, rest, discuss. Many actually spend most of our lifetime at the office. A good office means an effective use of space, potential for quick changes, the right ergonomics. A great office is more than that, it is an office ready for life. It contributes to a better atmosphere at the workplace and helps to unleash the creativity and potential of each of its inhabitants. The rest is up to you.

The first phase of every project, which is often underestimates but has a crucial impact on the whole result and effectiveness. Companies most often fully appreciate a well done job in this area in the case of restructuration, expansion in the future

  • detailed spaceplan & interior project
  • interior and capacity studies
  • space auditing
  • architectural design– studies, 3D vizualizations, fitouts
  • simulation of further possible expansion

All the consultations, vizualisations and spaceplanning are offered to our clients free of charge as a part of the realization project.

  • Space planning
  • Space planning
  • Space planning

We are the largest specialized and authorized dealer and service organization of Haworth in Czech Republic a we have a vast experience with dealing their products. However every office, company and work is different and even though Haworth products are very flexible and adaptable, we often have to resort to a highly individual solution.

  • quality office furniture from „The Haworth group“
  • Haworth movable interior partitions
  • atypical and built-in furniture production and delivery
  • receptions
  • tee kitchens
  • built-in file cabinets
  • board rooms
  • metal shelves – archives equipment

The furniture itself does not always play a purely functional role, but often a representative one. Uniqueness of the furniture should always go hand in hand with the uniqueness of the company which is using it. The first impression is important and it is not only the case of meeting people. That is why we put a great emphasis on the design of the entrance spaces and representative and relaxation areas of the buildings. The design furniture of the Scandinavian brands is suitable mainly for these spaces:

  • receptions
  • waiting rooms
  • breakout zones
  • relaxation zones
  • brainstorming zones

Except for the guarantee and after-guarantee service which is standard we offer the whole specter of services which the companies can use within or after the furniture delivery:

  • mapping of current furnishings
  • stocktaking of current furnishings
  • furniture lending for the delivery period
  • moving – complete moving management
  • construction clean-up and after installation clean-up
  • complex supplies of interiors
  • regular waranty and post-waranty servicing, controlling
  • Internal manual for prompt suplementary orders
  • electronical data for accounting – EAN codes

We do not deliver just the furniture, we deliver the complete interiors. We view our work always as a functional whole. Our customers do not have to solve each part of the interior separately and thus can save indispensable time and money.

  • security systems, card and locking systems – system of the central key
  • orientation and information system
  • sanitary systems (rest rooms equipment)
  • ventilation, cooling, plumbing, heating
  • plasterboard partitions, plasterboard, mineral, square or metal ceilings
  • lighting and flowers
  • floor covering /carpeting including the epoxy cast floors and natural linoleum Marmoleum
  • electroinstalations, low-voltage and high-voltage
  • tee kitchen equipment, electrical appliances, drink machines, tableware