Today the new ways of work place extremely high demands on the office and public spaces furniture which not all its producers can fulfill. The products of the global company Haworth can. From its foundation in the town of Holland, Michigan, USA in 1948 the company was based on two main principles: innovation and flexibility.

In the second half of the 80-ties it had grown into a global company expanding into North America, Europe and Asia. The entrance on the European market brought the necessity of further expansion and unification with strong local subjects and thus lead to purchase and mergers of European companies, many with even longer and richer history than Haworth itself (often with roots reaching to 19th century). Today Haworth though present in more than 120 countries and employing some 10 000 employees, still is a family business. At present it is the world´s second largest producer of office furniture and complex solutions of office spaces. Its internal team together with world renowned designers never stops exploring all aspects of “the life in the office” and aims at its constant improvement.

The company has been present on the Czech market since 1995 and in 2003 started cooperation with scandium, which today is its largest specialized and authorized dealer. Since 2006 the clients can visit the company in its new showroom in the Chodov Park complex, which was open the same year as the foundation of the Czech branch in Prague.

Haworth offers its products under 4 brands at the moment:

  • Castelli - Innovative and flexible divisions of space and office furniture with the Italian design spirit.
  • Dyes - Flexibel systems of office furniture for flexible dynamic organizations.
  • Comforto - Ergonomic seating with highly functional, innovative value and quality.
  • Art.collection - Top notch equipment of managerial spaces in unique timeless designs.