Arthon is designed for everyday use. A presentable, comfortable, and practical sofa equipped with detachable, washable covers. The design also makes it possible to easily replace individual parts in case they are damaged, or you just want to change the look by replacing the color of the cover or choice of fabric. This is an essential part of the design as it prolongs longevity of the sofa - in the interest of your economy and consumption of resources.

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Price of the selected configuration
Price from
82 038 Kč
Price tax excluded
67 800 Kč
Delivery in 8 weeks
Delivery in 8 weeks

Product detail

Technical details

335 cm
100 cm
85 cm
Seat height
45 cm
4 legs
Legs descrpition
steel frame
wood and plywood
Shell description
Seat depth
57 cm
cold foam
Removable covers
width of seat
75 cm

The first principal criteria to meet when designing and producing a meaningful sustainable product is to ensure that the product will have a degree of uniqueness, a convincing and attractive aesthetic, and a functional profile. In terms of build, style, and comfort, Arthon is designed to respect the above.

Per Weiss

Per Weiss

Brand description

As consumers, we are all obligated to reevaluate our consumption habits. Our collective will to prioritize the purchase of products that we want to keep over time is crucial as it is the most effective way to minimize resource consumption and pollution. As a supplier of upholstered furniture, we are obligated to design and develop products optimized for a long life cycle. At the same time, materials must be selected, and designs developed with sustainability, disassembly and recirculation in mind. At Tenksom we strive to honor the above principles without compromising functionality, comfort, quality, or aesthetics.

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