Jan Kurtz

What is special about jankurtz products? At first glance: They are remarkably inconspicuous. They fit into any interior. They adapt to any environment. Ok, many people can do that. Of course, that's not our whole secret either. According to our self-analysis, the success of the company and its collections is based on an interplay of seemingly contradictory principles that give the products their special charm. It is often not easy to discover what the novelty of a new product is. Sometimes it is a line that has a more elegant cut, sometimes the material has been improved, sometimes functionality has been added. All of this, these inconspicuous developments, are based on working on the details, which, believe it or not, are often where the devil lies. It's the little things that make the world a better place. In our case the world of interiors. This is the basis of all innovation. But that doesn't mean that the big brainwave has no place in the jankurtz program. You will find some in our catalogs. Classics are created on this breeding ground. Admittedly, this is not Jankurtz's invention. It is a modern interpretation of an old German success story that began its triumphant march in the 1920s. Your name: BAUHAUS.

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