Calm is a series of poufs useable for the outdoors, but suitable for indoors too. 

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24 926 Kč
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20 600 Kč
Delivery in 8 weeks
Delivery in 8 weeks

Product detail

Technical details

90 cm
33 cm
100% Olefin (polypropylen)

Calm is a series of poufs useable for the outdoors, but suitable for indoors too. The beautiful traces resembling sand or waves, create a quiet sanctuary while adding an intriguing and still soothing expression to your décor. Calm is filled with quickly drying filling allowing the design to dry up within a few hours, making the pouf a perfect addition to any outdoor – or indoor – space.

Ferriani Sbolgi

The Italian design studio, Ferriani Sbolgi, is driven by experiments and a cooperative approach to the design process where both designers agree on a direction and outline before transforming into new creative designs. Their design language is based on sleek silhouettes and clean stripped-down lines and details, and their products seek to communicate a certain emotion with the viewer and user. Each new design is seen as an opportunity for experimentation, and they ascribe fundamental importance to finding materials and ideas that will add value to their final design. They seek the new, the bold and the different, but always with timeless taste and quality craft in mind. A striking balance achieved in an effortless manner shown in their beautiful work.

Ferriani Sbolgi

Brand description

Bolia is an international company focusing on modern Scandinavian furniture. Their collections are inspired by the variability of nature thanks to the soothing colors of the seasons and the choice of natural materials. Each of the products is designed by talented designers from around the world and manufactured by qualified craftsmen and carpenters. The material used has a timeless character and quality. Wood comes from sustainable European forestry.


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