Skovby 825

An instant icon! 

Chair #825 draws inspiration from mid-century furniture – but with a light, Scandinavian twist. In other words, an instant Skovby icon with a contemporary look and nostalgic feel. #825 is easy to line and combine with other chairs. The rounded back offers amazing support of the whole body, and the upholstered seat provides great comfort. The chair is also available with upholstered back,#826.

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Price of the selected configuration
Price from
9 680 Kč
Price tax excluded
8 000 Kč

Product detail

Technical details

50 cm
51 cm
77 cm
Seat height
48 cm
solid wood
oak, walnut
seat upholstered
cold foam

The Skovby chairs are ergonomically designed to offer the best possible comfort and comply with the most stringent international regulations. All our chair designs are regularly tested at "The Danish Furnituremakers' Quality Control", where among other rigorous tests they are subjected to 50,000 tilting pressures. Our chairs are therefore categorized to be within the highist quality level for dining room chairs.

Brand description

Skovby was founded in 1933 by cabinetmaker Thorvald Rasmussen. With vision, strenuous effort and professional pride he created a foundation for sustainable and functional furniture design, which his son Villy Rasmussen and grandsons Preben and Jørgen Rasmussen have carried on ever since. Early special assignments for the small one-man workshop quickly advanced to complete dining room suites and in less than 20 years Skovby furniture was produced in product lines. This development led to the build-up of an international dealership network. A healthy organic growth with a continuing focus on craftsmanship, natural materials and a sustainable business model that commits to employees and environment. The driving force, and a shared passion spanning the three generations of cabinetmakers, is function. Skovby was among the frontrunners within functional extension systems for tables, and today the furniture company is world renowned for a special talent to combine design and functionality. The continuous and direct reason for Skovby’s success is the ability to develop designs, which unite strong aesthetic expression with innovative function. Today, Preben and Jørgen Rasmussen run an international, high-technology business with a positive environmental imprint


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