Innovation C

Innovation C is a multi-functional chair where the backrest can also be used as a table or work-station. The clean lines in the C-shaped top makes the chair look beautiful in all angles. It invites you to sit in many different ways, of which all are correct. 

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14 396 Kč
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11 898 Kč
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71 980 Kč
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Product detail

Technical details

70 cm
65 cm
75 cm
Seat height
48 cm
Stainless steel
wooden frame
outdoor fabric
Seat depth
65 cm
HR foam

Innovation C is easily placed in many different environments and is perfect for waiting areas, education or “short meeting” places, from airports to waiting rooms to libraries and schools.

Brand description

Blå Station is a family business. We are located in what used to be a sewing factory in Åhus, on the southeast coast of Sweden where the ocean is just as restless as we are.

When we moved in during the spring of 1986, we placed a few furniture prototypes in one of the corners of the building. And in the beginnig, before our production was up and running, we filled empty echoing rooms with art exhibits and jazz concerts. It was fun and the place became our “Station” – which we thought was a very fitting name. Because at a station, there´s always something going on – a constant flow of change. 

The second half of our name was given. Blå Station’s founder, furniture designer Börge Lindau, used the signature BLÅ on drawings – the B and the L being the initials of his first and last name and the Å representing Åhus where he had settled.  

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