Scandinavia sofabed

The Scandinavia sofa bed is designed by the Danish duo, Glismand & Rüdiger, who have brought the sofa's classic silhouette to life in an armchair.

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Price of the selected configuration
Price from
124 630 Kč
Price tax excluded
103 000 Kč
Delivery in 8 weeks
Delivery in 8 weeks

Product detail

Technical details

200 cm
92 cm
78 cm
Seat height
45 cm
4 legs
Legs descrpition
wood or steel
wood and plywood
Shell description
Seat depth
57 cm
memory foam mattress
210 x 143 x 12 cm
Removable covers

Clean, sleek lines and an elegant design. The Scandinavia armchair is designed by the Danish duo, Glismand & Rüdiger, who have brought the sofa's classic silhouette to life in an armchair. The perfect place for relaxation and reflection, and the interior construction, which consists of both FSC-certified wood and no-zag springs, ensure unconditional comfort.

Glismand & Rüdiger

Bolia was born in Denmark, and so was the renowned design duo Glismand & Rüdiger – an origin that serves as main source of inspiration in their approach to furniture design. When designing furniture, the design duo seeks inspiration from the vivid Scandinavian nature and materials while honouring the proud design tradition built on simplicity, elegance, craftsmanship and sustainable materials. “We share a passion for Scandinavian design and natural materials. Sustainability is the starting point for every new design we create. All the way from the first sketches to the final product, cause what we believe the most, is designing beautiful products that are built to last and survive trends.” For Glismand & Rüdiger Scandinavian design isn’t a label, it’s a commitment in their design-work. It’s something to be interpreted in contemporary and new ways, and something to be proudly honoured.

Glismand & Rüdiger

Brand description

Bolia is an international company focusing on modern Scandinavian furniture. Their collections are inspired by the variability of nature thanks to the soothing colors of the seasons and the choice of natural materials. Each of the products is designed by talented designers from around the world and manufactured by qualified craftsmen and carpenters. The material used has a timeless character and quality. Wood comes from sustainable European forestry.

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