Wave Hanger

Wave can extend as far as you like, simply attach more hangers. 

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2 251 Kč
Price tax excluded
1 860 Kč
Delivery in 8 weeks
Delivery in 8 weeks

Product detail

Technical details

90 cm
2 cm
10 cm
wall hanger, white and black
1,1 kg

Wave can extend as far as you like, simply attach more hangers. The Wave hanger consists of two pieces cut from the same piece of metal, producing practically no waste material; one part being the other’s negative shape.  Lacquered metal. One set includes two pieces. Each piece: W 45 cm, H 11 cm (W 18, H 4.25)

Nanni Holén

Nanni Holén

Brand description

Design House Stockholm work with both established and unknown designers. Our focus is on developing great products rather than name-dropping. When we first met Harri Koskinen, he was still an unknown student in Helsinki, but he had an amazing idea. An idea that would generate a worldwide success — the Block Lamp.

Our ambition is to gather a collection of the very best Scandinavian design today. The term ‘Scandinavian’ refers to a philosophic and aesthetic perspective, rather than geography and nationality: we have French, German, Australian, American and Chilean designers in our network. The result is a collection of design classics with timeless appeal and qualities that outlives temporary trends

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