The Velvet stands out by its striking polyamide pegs in three colours.

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13 180 Kč
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10 893 Kč
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Delivery in 8 weeks

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35 cm
168 cm

The Velvet stands out by its striking polyamide pegs in three colours. The designer coat stand comes with three, four or five arms, each equipped with two additional hooks for extra capacity. Also an umbrella stand can be integrated. The top and frame are made of anodised aluminium, the subtle foot was created of steel.


Studied furniture design and architectural design at the Academy of Visual Arts in Maastricht. Since 1998, she has been working as a product designer

and interior architect.


Brand description

Cascando is a Dutch design company. We create, design and manufacture high-quality seating elements, acoustic privacy solutions and original interior accessories. We are dedicated to complement the creation of inspiring working worlds with distinct and fresh interior products. Keeping successful people successful.

Cascando believes happiness at work is essential. Trust in the safety and comfort of a space is its sustainable gasoline, empowering feelings of true belonging. As a person, as an employee, or as a guest. At Cascando we like to prove that. With authentic interior design. By complementing inviting office worlds that empower people to interact in functional and inspirational spaces. A true addition to their way of work.

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