Mirrors for hallway, bedroom or bathroom. 

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7 250 Kč
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5 992 Kč
Delivery in 8 weeks
Delivery in 8 weeks

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UNU mirror with narrow frame. Available in black or white. Mirrors for hallway, bedroom or bathroom. 

Bønnelycke MDD

He started his career in 1988 with the design of lamps, furniture and interior spaces. Quickly, he became known as an unconventional architect with no whims and fancies. ”It could be fun” and ”of course it can be done” – are phrases often used in his company. 

Bønnelycke MDD

Brand description

Dannish producer of accesories for your home, office. In Frost´s assortment you can find coat hangers, coat stands,  shelves, mirrors a bathroom equipment. All with minimalistic clear design.

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